Storehouse of Laughter – Chapter 7



A man gambled day and night without ever going home. He lost everything that he had, except for his wife, and soon he wagered her too. However, only after a few rolls of the dice, he also lost her. He then begged to be allowed a few more rolls of the dice. The winner said: “You’ve already lost everything that you could wager. Why should you get any more rolls?” The man replied: “My wife should be worth a few more turns because she’s still a virgin.” The winner said: “How could that possibly be?” The man replied: “What’s there not to be believe? Have you ever seen me spend a night in my own bedroom?”




A guest litterateur was complaining about household matters in the summer: “It is commonly said that to run a household, you need seven things. To date I have found that you actually need nine. Without them, life is hard.” When asked what were the additional two, he said: “The stalks of jasmine flowers from this morning are a must. And how can you live without this mosquito repellent incense at night?”

The guest litterateur only mentioned jasmine flowers and mosquito repellent. But this doesn’t make up nine. The rest are: farmland, firewood, rice, oil, salt, fermented sauce, vinegar, and tea. For all these he relies on the hospitality of his host.


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