Storehouse of Laughter – Chapter 11




A boy was playing with a shuttlecock, but accidentally kicked it into a well. He looked down into the well, and saw his own reflection. Crying, he said: “Return it to me!” His father heard this, and said: “The shuttlecock has been taken by the boy in the well.” He also went to the well, and saw his own reflection there, saying: “Your boy wants to play with the shuttlecock, but that doesn’t mean my boy shouldn’t get a chance to play!”




Someone was making a toast, and said: “The spring rains are like a balm (gao).” Someone heard balm as cake (gao), and said: “Then the summer rains are like a bun.” Someone else heard summer rain (xiayu) as King Yu of Xia, and said: “King Wen of Zhou was like a wedding cake.”



Splitting wood

A father and son were splitting wood together. The father lost his grip on the axe and accidentally hurt his son’s finger. The son cried out: “You clumsy old tortoise! Are you blind?” The grandson was standing by; he felt indignant on seeing his grandfather being scolded, and unexpectedly said: “You son of a gun, don’t you have any principles? How dare you scold your father?”



Business in bed

There was a dealer in furniture who went on a journey, leaving his wife to tend the shop. A man came to buy a bed, but the sum he offered was much lower than the asking price; they haggled for a long time, and in the end he got his way. The next day, he came to buy a couch. The woman said: “You already had your way with me yesterday on the bed. And now you come to do the same on the couch?”



A youth was having an affair with his neighbor’s wife, when they heard a knock on the door. Knowing that the husband was home, they were in a panic. The wife wrapped him up in a large sack, and placed him by the bed. If the husband should ask, they agreed, she would say that it was a sack of rice. She then went to open the door and welcome her husband home. When he saw the sack, he felt suspicious and asked her what it was. The wife was so nervous that she couldn’t answer him, and so the husband raised his voice and asked again. The youth could not help but reply from inside the sack: “I’m rice!”


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