Sinology with Python

I’m a bit late to the Jupyter Notebook bandwagon (and bandwagons in general), it seems… Now that I’ve started using it I’m seeing it everywhere.

The Chinese Text Project is one of my favorite websites, because it not only offers literally thousands of premodern Chinese texts online for free, but provides sophisticated search functions, a built-in dictionary, and other nifty features, many of which were added quite recently.

Among them is an API for accessing the text database programmatically, and a Python module which provides easy-to-use wrapper functions for it (the module is written for Python 3 and doesn’t work with Python 2, however it simply fails and doesn’t show an error message if you inadvertently try to use it with Python 2).

Donald Sturgeon, who is the author of these tools and also the maintainer of, has posted some online tutorials using Jupyter Notebooks to show how to access the database, and some simple data analyses that can be done on texts.


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