More punny business name ideas

Bad puns in business names are rife among German hairdressers, for some reason. There’s even a blog chronicling this plague. Many of the names are bilingual puns, usually revolving around the words “Haar” (hair), “Kam” (comb), and so on. Off the top of my head some that I can remember seeing include “Haarmonie” and “Haarlequin”.

However, nothing beats a hair salon I saw in Singapore called “Katamo”, with a sign lettered in that faux-Japanese font that cheap sushi places like to use. In case you don’t get it, think along the lines of “ang moh”…. (apologies to readers who simply don’t know the language.)

If you can’t beat them, join ’em. Here’s some more business name ideas, following up on my last post. You saw them here first!


Dating website for persons interested in a pun-friendly nationality.

Some sleazy slogans:

  • “Improve your end-game”
  • “It’s your move”
  • “I have a checkered past, but am trying to move beyond it”
  • “Wanna castle, king side?”

Skinny Dip

“Flavor your potato discs with fewer calories!”

Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge

“Is your husband fooling around? Nudge him back into line!”

Consultancy in nudge psychology for couples recovering from adultery.

Tasteful Lee


Line of Asian-inspired bottled sauces rich in glutamate.

High Culture

Sells kits for growing magic mushrooms

The Slovenely Housekeeper

Household tips from Slovenia!

“Live a little. Be Slovenely”


One comment on “More punny business name ideas

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