What your favorite Bacon says about you

Classic pan-fried


You appreciate the good things in life, and you know that they don’t have to be particularly expensive or good-looking to be tasty. You have a hedonistic side; while you may know all the reasons that fried bacon is bad for you, it still doesn’t stop you from indulging in it once in a while.


You enjoy movies, and also enjoy thinking about them. You could carry your own in a conversation about your favorite actor, who is probably not an A-list superstar but definitely has acting chops. For you, an actor’s career arc can be as interesting as the actual movies they act in. Your favorite math class was graph theory.



Statue of Roger Bacon in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Photograph taken by Michael Reeve (en:User:MykReeve), 30 May 2004.

People tend not to notice you the first time around, and if they do it’s usually because of some folly you made that you don’t take too seriously yourself, and this can be frustrating for you. You are a rational person, but faith is also a very important part of your life.


388px-Francis_BaconThe life of the mind appeals to you, but you are too much of a realist to ignore the real world. You are not afraid to get your hands dirty, figuratively or literally speaking. You need a better winter jacket.


You don’t actually like bacon, do you?


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