The plum never comes to Bremen

I recently learned that the city of Bremen is transliterated as Bulaimei 不来梅 in Chinese – “the plum doesn’t come”. That doesn’t sound very auspicious at all, and frankly doesn’t sound very close pronunciation-wise either.

So I have some ideas for alternatives…

  • 不累们 Buleimen – the never-tired folks
  • 布雷门 Buleimen – the gate of sheet lightning
  • 不热门 Buremen – the gate of never-hot (accurate enough)
  • 玻璃门 Bolimen – glass door
  • 波瑞民 Boruimin – waves-auspicious-citizen
  • 扑鹅入门 Pu’e’rumen – pummel the goose through the gate

I like the last one best. Now is there some sort of central authority that I can petition, the Universal Postal Union, perhaps?


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